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School Activities

Most of the students enrolled in Anima Christi Center are those whose potentials have never been recognized in their previous schools. In line with our Philosophy of offering Education that heals, we need to provide numerous opportunities where they can excel, and unlock their potentials.

  • Sports Camp

Usually held in February, this is the most-anticipated event of the school. All students are grouped in teams and they compete in various sports, and in various camp skills such as cooking, being organized, and taking care of the environment. Students learn to respect each one, and interact with all people in a healthy manner.

  • Field Trip

This is a required annual activity for all students, that usually targets a nature trip or a place that promotes environment-consciousness. Respect for all forms of life, appreciation of God’s goodness in scenic places, and having healthy social interactions are just some of the objectives of this event.

  • Food and Handicrafts Bazaar

Students enrolled in the Vocational Program create products for them to sell. This is to train and teach them skills that they can potentially use to earn their own living somehow. Their creative skills, organizational and business skills are all honed in the process.

In addition to handicrafts, there are also food items donated and sold by students. Proceeds from this Food Bazaar are used to buy groceries and toiletries for the prisoners of the Bilibid Medium Security Prisons, an annual outreach event of the school.

  • Performing and Visual arts Festival

Students who excel in the visual arts create their products which are exhibited for the parents to see. Those who are good in the performing arts (singing, dancing, etc) regale their audience with their enthusiastic performances.

  • Graduation Ball

This event is the culminating activity for the school year. Students are trained how to do formal dining and dancing. Social skills, proper party behavior, table etiquette, appropriate dressing are just some of the skills they learn in preparation for the ball. Most of all, the self-esteem of our students are given a big boost in this feel-good event.