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Intervention Programs


In line with the school’s mission to honor each child, Anima Christi Center offers powerfully effective intervention procedures that are unique to the school alone. These procedures directly work on the weak areas. Some of these are:

  • Movement Therapy: Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movements

It has long been known from various researches that the parts of the brain that process movements are also the same parts that process learning. The Brain Gym Program and the Rhythmic Movements Training Program recognize this and has transformed this concept into well-researched movements that do the following: integrate the primitive reflexes that are weak or not completed in learning-challenged children; take away the stress thereby making learning easy and fun; encourage the formation of more inter-neuronal connections in the brain thereby making the brain more receptive to all aspects of learning.

Anima Christi Center is the only school that espouses movements to work on developmental delays and as the key to better performance in school. Since the school started using Movement Therapy, numerous students have enormously benefitted from it. Movement Therapy has magically transformed these students into happy, functional and productive individuals.

  • Reading Intervention

Most learning-challenged children have difficulty acquiring reading skills. Anima Christi Center uses the Wilson Reading Program, a powerful, multi-sensory and student-friendly approach to reading.

All non-reading students are given this program as part of their regular class schedules.

  • Emotion Therapy

Behind every learning challenge is a dented self-esteem and a heart full of hurts and anger from many years of being misunderstood and mismanaged either at home or in school, or both. Anima Christi center addresses this by an Emotion Therapy Program that is incorporated into the daily schedules of all students. The school believes that only when students are happy and emotionally-balanced can they access their academic potentials.

  • Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy, through counseling, is provided by the school to all enrolled students, and when necessary, to the family of the students as well. Anima Christi Center believes that developing the cognitive awareness of the student on his own issues is a good starting point to becoming happy , well-adjusted and motivated to author his own growth.